Environmental Anthropology

I need to answer 2 simple prompts (more questions within the prompts) for my environmental anthropology class. The answer only needs to be around 75-100 words each. The word count is next to each question so please stick to the WORD COUNT, my professor is very strict about it. Word counts for each response should not deviate by more than plus/minus 10% of the number indicated.

No need to write out the prompt, just write the prompt number and letter above the answer. Write everything out in order, please.

The prompt questions are uploaded along with the book and the readings that we are supposed to refer the questions to. The first prompt is a lecture response (A screen recording of the lecture is posted). The second prompt is CHAPTER 19 from the book. The third prompt is from the uploaded reading (Wilk). The fourth prompt is CHAPTER 30 from the book. Please refer to the book and readings when answering the questions.

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