EI Reflection: Your Thoughts About Emotional Intelligence

Your task: Write about your thoughts and experiences with the work we did on “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”. Focus on the value of EI to you professionally and personally. Discuss what you learned (or didn?t learn) from the Emotional Intelligence 2.0 book, the assessment and class experiences. In your reflections choose at least one thought from the book, one thought from the assessment, and and one thought from your experience in class during the workshop.
Length & Format:

Write 350-450 words. Write the number of words after the final paragraph of your document. If you don?t know how to find this statistic in your document editor, let me know and I can show you.
Single space. Put an additional space between paragraphs.
Font: Use Times/New Roman, 12 points.

This is a BADM300 class its about communication is business. We took the emotional intellegience test in class and it appears personally i need to improve my Self Awarness so you can build around that.

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