Eating disorder

You are caring for a 25-year-old male admitted to the emergency room after passing out at the gym. During your admission assessment, he admits to having a history of an eating disorder since high school. Based on your knowledge of the pathophysiology of anorexia or bulimia nervosa address the following:

Thoroughly explain the epidemiology of the disease process. Examine each of the following three elements:) The cultural; 2.) The financial; and 3.) The environmental implications related to this disease process. Support all three with a scholarly source!
What would 3-5 priority nursing interventions be for the client with this disease process?  This can include labs and diagnostics. What are critical indicators? Support with a scholarly source.
Provide three areas of patient education you feel are critical to teach the client with a diagnosis of this disease. Consider medical product safety and the length of time the client has had the disease. Support with a scholarly source.
What members of the interdisciplinary team need to be included for holistic patient-centered care? Provide a rationale and Support with a scholarly source.

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