Order Description
These are the questions that need to be answered:
1. What is e-Procurement?
2. Using an example, describe the steps in the procurement process that take place between the buyer and seller.
3. List three advantages that e-Procurement systems provide organizations over manual processes?
4. List and describe the three critical process flows of e-Procurement systems.
5. With the aid of a diagram, describe how an EDI network works.
6. Describe how business to employee requisitioning systems work?
7. How do corporate procurement portals improve an organization’s procurement activities?
8. What is a trading exchange? How have trading exchanges evolved over the years?
9. What is an industry lead consortium? What is the difference between a buyer consortium and a supplier consortium?
10. You have been asked to investigate three possible e-procurement software applications for your company. Develop a rating grid that could be used to compare each e-procurement software package and assist decision makers in selecting the best package.

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