Discussion board response. This is link to readinghttps://canvas.asu.edu/courses/74750/files/25988774/download?wrap=1

1) What is the object of linguistics? 2) What is Semiology? (p. 16)  3) And, what is meant by Saussure by the phrase the “arbitrary nature of the sign?” (p.67)

In your response, be sure to address the distinction between language and speech (p.14), the notion of the double entity (relationality present in the linguistic unit), and the idea of mutability and immutability.  It is a requirement that each of your initial forum posts begin with a clear and concise thesis statement.  So, perhaps begin your post here with the following type of phrase, “In this post I offer a description of Ferdinand de Saussure’s Semiology as the study of the social life of signs.” Or, “In this response I discuss Ferdinand de Saussure’s linguistic theory of the sign.” Or something similar; in your own words. You may elect to use this exact thesis statement. Also part of the post-requirement, remember to offer backing for your statements with relevant, well-cited quotes from the reading and examples from your reflection.

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