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After reading the selected works of Charles Sanders Peirce and the secondary source by Floyd Merrell, reflect on the difference between the sign of Saussure (as arbitrary/semiology) and that of Peirce (non-arbitrary/semiotic).

Write:  In approximately 500 words, describe Peirce’s theory of signs.  In your response be sure to address the crucial description of “logic as semiotic” with its three branches (p. 98) and the triadic relation of the representamen, interpretant, and object.  Then, consider Peirce’s treatment of the concepts ground, thought, belief, doubt, and reality. Use them to offer an account of what he means by thought as both relational and active (p. 30) as well as the distinction between the elements of mediate and immediate conscious. (p. 27)

Writing Requirements:

As part of THIS post’s requirement, please use at least ONE supporting quote from the required, secondary source on Peirce by Floyd Merrell.  IN ADDITION to the regular requirement of a minimum of one in-text citation from the original source reading.

It is also a requirement that each of your initial forum posts begin with a clear and concise thesis statement.  So, perhaps begin your post here with the following type of phrase, “In this post I offer a description of Charles Sanders Peirce’s theory of signs and describe the notion of logic as semiotic.” Or something similar; in your own words.  Also part of the post-requirement, remember to offer backing for your statements with a minimum of two relevant, well-cited quotes from the reading and examples from your reflection.

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