Discussion Board #7

Week 7 Section Discussion

This weeks discussion board will help prepare you for Essay #2. This is how you get topic approval from me! 

Based on the Library Workshop and your completed worksheet,

1) What is your level-3 question for Essay 2?

2) Please also provide a rough draft of your thesis statement; it is okay if you don’t have all the components finalized, but at the very least provide the opposition and assertion clauses.

3) Finally, provide a short explanation for why you think your question is level-3.

If you are unfamiliar with MMWs Level-3 questions, review Level-3 Question information preview the document.

You will need to post a response to all of the questions AND respond to another student for full credit. When responding to another student, try to use the 3Cs & a Q format when responding to your peers: Compliment, Comment, Connect and Ask a Question.

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