Discussion Board we will be discussing stress and compassion fatigue. Nurses are under a great deal of stress managing the acuity of patients, technology, and demands of work/family life. Please answer 1 out of the 4 questions under one post . Use the readings and videos to support your initial post.

1) What are organizational, interpersonal, and individual factors that cause stress? If the stressors had not been present would the outcome be different? Give examples of each and explain.

2) On a scale of 1 to 10, evaluate your ability to be resilient and tolerate factors such as rapid change, role ambiguity/conflict, and conflicts with other health professionals. Share personal strategies for managing stress.

3) What ways do you care for yourself? What other ways might you add to your self care?

4) What methods do you use to cope with stress? Based on the readings, could you improve your method for dealing with stress? How?


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