discuss the relationship between museums, heritage, and culture in 21st century Europe

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Details of the assignment task
Write a 3000 word essay in response to one of the following four options (only select
1) Critically discuss the relationship between museums, heritage, and culture in
21st century Europe
2) Critically discuss the relationship between a museum or heritage attraction and
their audience(s)
3) Critically analyse the (social, political, economic) role of heritage for national
4) Critically examine the benefits and disadvantages facing European sites which
achieve inscription on the World Heritage list
These options have been deliberately left ?open? so that students can go in various
directions with their essays. The key is critical discussion and analysis.
It is important that you define key concepts relevant to the chosen question (for
example heritage, museums, culture, cultural tourism, and the relationship between
these), and that you discuss the role of (for example) representation, ideology, and
power in relation to these key concepts.
3. Assignment instructions
This assignment must be presented in essay format. You must include a title page, an
abstract, an introduction, a conclusion and a reference list. For further advice on the
structure, see the assessment criteria below.
Your work should be word processed in accordance with the following:
? The title page should contain a suitable title for your essay, the module code
and name, your student number and the submission deadline. (If you are
submitting late please also note if you have applied for or will be applying for

Museums, Heritage and Cultural Tourism Individual Essay
? The abstract should be a condensed version of your report, and should not
exceed 250 words.
? Include your reference list (at the end).
? Use appropriate headings
? Font style: Any ?normal? style (such as Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri);
font size: 11 or 12
? Line spacing: 1.5.
? The page orientation should be ?portrait?
? Pages should be numbered.
? Your student number should be included on every page.
? Your name must not appear on the script.
4. Assessment criteria
Specific marking criteria for this assignment
Abstract ? Has the essay been summarised in a clear and concise
manner (including the key findings)?
5 marks
Introduction ? Have you outlined the aim of the essay and introduced
the topic to the reader?
15 marks
Evidence of critical analysis in the discussion ? Has the topic been
contextualised, have you consulted relevant literature, and have relevant
examples been provided to highlight key issues?
40 marks
Conclusion ? Have you tied together your argument, and (if
applicable) included any recommendations?
25 marks
Presentation and referencing ? Is your work logically structured, well
written and correctly referenced?
15 marks
TOTAL 100 marks

Museums, Heritage and Cultural Tourism Individual Essay
General undergraduate grading criteria used to assess work
In addition to the specific marking criteria for this assignment, general guidelines
apply for the expected standard at different levels of study. The following grading
standards generally apply to our undergraduate programmes:
Grade Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 First (70% or above)
Thorough understanding
of relevant ideas. Clear
and well referenced
argument. Coherent
Ideas critically analysed.
Argument is clear, succinct
and well supported.
Evidence of a wide range of
reading and some
independent thought.
Critical work evidencing
excellent synthesis and
application of ideas.
Work is exceptionally
well constructed and
Upper Second
Sound understanding.
Well written and
relevant argument.
Critical consideration of
relevant ideas. Arguments
are precisely defined and
appropriately referenced.
The work is structurally
sound and well written.
Ideas are critically applied
and coherently presented.
Evidence of wide reading
and some originality.
Well referenced
Lower Second
Evidence of
understanding and
independent reading.
Adequate referencing,
but some
material. Weaknesses in
spelling, structure &
Reasonable understanding
of the relevant concepts,
but some inconsistencies in
application. Arguments are
referenced, but disjointed.
Poor structure, spelling or
Clear grasp of concepts
and some critical
Appropriately referenced
and relevant argument.
Reasonable structure and
syntax. Well presented
Indication of some
understanding, but poor
application of ideas.
Minimal referencing.
Generally weak
Generally descriptive work
with limited evidence of a
critical consideration of
ideas. Inadequate
referencing. Weaknesses in
structure, spelling and
Evidence of good
understanding of issues,
but crudely applied.
Work indicates some
critical thinking, but tends
towards description.
Argument may be
unbalanced. Poor
structure and presentation
(below 40%)
Irrelevant or poorly
analysed material.
Indication of weak grasp
of concepts. Inadequate
structure. Poor
grammar and spelling.
Uncritical. Poorly
referenced. Argument
indicates little use of
relevant literature. Chaotic
structure and generally
badly written.
Poorly referenced and
suggests inadequate
exploration of relevant
literature. Chaotic
structure and generally
badly written.

Museums, Heritage and Cultural Tourism Individual Essay
5. Skills advice
General advice
Refer to your material provided in your skills modules to make sure that you have
conformed to academic conventions. You may also find our skills sites useful:

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