Develop learning outcomes

In this assignment, you will create learning outcomes for a particular learning experience that you identify. First, you need to identify a learning experience. This could be a course, class, training, or other learning experience. After you choose a particular learning experience, please explain the following:

1. What is the learning experience?
2. The purpose/goal of the identified learning experience;
3. The target audience for the learning experience;
4. How the learning experience relates to other learning experiences for the target audience (For instance, is it one course or training out of many? Is it an introductory or more advanced learning experience?); and
5. What level of Blooms Taxonomy is appropriate for these outcomes and why?

Next, on a separate page, create a one-paragraph description of the learning experience for the student or learner then develop six to eight learning outcomes for that learning experience. Your outcomes should be written in an active language using appropriate verbs that you identify.

Length: 4 to 7 pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly academic writing, current APA standards, and adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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