“Desire Under The Elms, by Eugene ONeill” written report on this play

– should be 3 pages double-spaced with a bibliography afterwards, naming any sources you used in your research. Each paper will compare and contrast a different dramatic stage work with the film it is based on.
Give a brief description of the period in which the play was written and/or the playwrights life, and how it influenced the creation of the play.
What were the theatrical conventions of that period and how did they affect the play?
What is the theme of the play? Analyze how the playwright uses characters and action to get across his theme for the play.
How are the tools of film (shots, montage, art direction, symbols, music, etc) used to enhance or change the play? How does the director of the film impose his own vision onto the play?
What special qualities does the film version bring to the play?

Link to play: https://coldreads.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/desire-under-the-elms.pdf

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