: Dehumanization of Jews

: Dehumanization of Jews
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This essay type is a synthesis essay on the dehumanization of Jews. Write an essay, that synthesizes information from several sources, on something that can be learned from creative non-fiction pertaining to the Holocaust. eg. Dehumanization of Jews. For one of the four sources use the book Night by Elie Wiesel and for the second source you have to use references examples from Schindler’s list the movie and the last two can be random sites that talk about testimonials of the pain and suffering the Jewish people went through which in turn dehumanized them.

The introductory paragraph: 1. An introductory sentence that acts as a hook, capturing the reader’s interest. 2. Identification of the issue you will be discussing. 3. Your thesis statement.
The body paragraphs: 1. Topic sentence that gives one reason to support your thesis. 2. Your explanation and opinion of the topic sentence. 3. Support from your sources that backs up the claim you just made. 4. Explanation of the significance of the source(s).
The conclusion paragraph: 1. State further significance of your topic from the evidence and reasons you discussed in the essay. 2. A profound thought or thoughtful ending for your paper.

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