This project will consist of virtually immersing oneself with a cultural group that is distinct from your own. The goal is to increase your empathy with people and cultures of which you are unfamiliar and to increase your understanding of various issues that affect that group (e.g. prejudice, discrimination, harassment, microaggressions, economic hardship, language barriers, etc.). Most importantly, students should seek to understand how various intersecting identities affect the specific group (use Chapters 2-8 to guide your examination of how unique systems of oppression serve to oppress/privilege various people within various cultural groups). Students will need to spend at least two hours immersing oneself in the culture through either watching media created by members of the group such as YouTube video(s), documentaries, etc. or participating in a virtual event (e.g. online support groups, religious services, discussion panels). If you need help coming up with a topic or finding opportunities for virtual engagement, please e-mail the instructor for help locating options. Students are required to obtain approval by Friday, February 12, 11:59 p.m. EST for the group they wish to learn further about and the source they will be using (YouTube link, documentary, event name, etc.), via email. If you do not turn in your topic by the deadline, you will receive a zero for the overall project. Students will be required to turn in a 10-page essay, using at least 5 peer-reviewed sources, on Sunday, April 25, by 11:59 p.m. EST. The essay will consist of a discussion of what you learned through your cultural immersion, a reflection on your personal identity in relation to the cultural immersion experience, and a brief application of what you have learned in regard to counseling considerations for this cultural group. A more detailed description and rubric for the assignment has been included on Canvas.

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