Criminal Justice

1.Some reformers have argued for changing the term rape in legal statutes to sexual assault or sexual battery. Does California legal statutes use the term rape, or has the verbiage changed to sexual battery, sexual assault, or something else? What is the definition of rape, sexual assault, and/or sexual battery used in California? What types of “Sexually Violent Predator” laws are in California’s legal statutes?

2.Read: Feminist Perspectives on the Etiology of Sexual Crimes
What are some of the critical factors that play a role in explaining why people commit sexual offenses?

3.Why is Intersectionality an important concept to understand when learning about Sexual Crimes?

4.Read- History of the Rape Crisis Movement (Links to an external site.)
In what ways does this post illustrate the importance of Intersectionality to understanding the impact of crime on victims?

5.PLESE READ Reflection Question Reading :Discuss the consequences of the genocide that we see in contemporary societies. You can focus on one particular genocide in your discussion.
Make sure your answer is at least 150 words long and you need to cite at least two readings/course materials for this week in APA style.

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