Counseling Observation Paper

Students will watch the counseling videos below and write an 8-10 page reflection paper on their observations.

Training Links for observation:

These links were provided by John Sommers-Flanagan on CESNET:

1. Counseling demonstrations with a 12-year-old.
a) Opening a counseling session:
b) The three-step emotional change trick:
c) John SF demonstrates the Whats Good About You? informal assessment technique:
d) Closing a session:
2. Demo of assessment for anger management with a solution-focused spin with a 20-year-old client:
3. Demo of motivational interviewing with a 30-year-old client:
4. Demo of CBT for social anxiety with a graduate student:
5. Demo of an MSE with a 20-year-old:

Sections to be covered in the Observation paper:

Summary of each session what did you observe in the video sessions? What specific behaviors did you notice (in the clients, in the counselor(s), in the interactions between client and counselor)?
Application of theory what specific psychological theory can be applied in order to better understand the client in each video session?
Biblical Worldview Integration How might integration of a bibical worldview be useful in the sessions?
Application of Learning What did you learn from observing these video sessions that will be useful as you move forward in the field and in helping others?

Requirements for paper:
1. Must be in current APA format
2. 8-10 pages in length
3. Must include at least 5 peer reviewed citations within the text and corresponding reference page (these should be used in Application sections

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