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MBA Core Skills Assignment

?Delegating responsibilities is the key to effective management?. Critically evaluate this statement in an essay of 600 words (+/-10%) using a minimum of four academic references from Cardiff Met library/Summon, referenced using the Harvard system.
Important notes:
? Critically evaluate means:
o Consider different perspectives relating to the statement
o Discuss which authors? opinions support and/or challenge the statement
o Use your judgement to evaluate the authors? opinions and form a conclusion which either agrees or disagrees with the statement
? Before you start to write your essay, you need to read widely and consider different authors ideas on this topic. Select the most relevant information to use as referenced quotes/paraphrases in your essay.
? Based on the information you read, you should develop your own point of view (argument) on this topic. Please note that this is NOT a reflective essay. It should NOT include details of your own personal experience and feelings. It should be an objective academic essay, based on evidence from literature only.
? The main body of your essay should be organised into paragraphs and each paragraph should address a particular aspect of your argument.
? Do not just ?dump? quotes into your essay. Quotes/paraphrases should be incorporated

? Each paragraph will contain:
o A topic sentence to introduce an aspect of your argument
o Referenced quotes and paraphrases as evidence and examples from literature
o Your analysis:
? Show that you have considered the wider implications of the issue
? Make judgements and comments about the ideas of other authors
? Explain how the information in this particular paragraph helps to support your overall argument/answer to the essay question

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