Controlling the Field Sales Force

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Please read the attached scenario. While the industry, company, and individual names have been changed, the facts described did occur and the sales management team had to make important control decisions based on their evaluation of the sales organization.

If selected, responses to this scenario must:

1- Specifically identify the sales force organization problem(s) to be resolved. Do not simply recite the facts and symptoms, identify the sales management problem(s) to be resolved.

2- Specifically identify the relevant stakeholders and their viewpoints.

3- Fully develop a range of viable alternatives for the firm. Alternative analysis must demonstrate how the alternative resolves the problem and the impact on all stakeholders if the alternative were implemented,. Use each stakeholder’s viewpoint to evaluate the impact.

4- Make a recommendation to the sales manager. The recommended action must be an alternative analyzed. Demonstrate why the recommended alternative is the most viable solution to the problem.

Be sure to follow the writing and submission guidelines in the course syllabus. Please do use the rubric as an organizing tool for your responses.

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