Conflict Criminology and Sociology

The concept of critical criminology has been prevalent among criminologists for decades. A derivative of Marxist Theory, the primary focus of conflict criminology is the disparities linked to economic, social, and political affiliation. Chapter 8 in your primary textbook and the MSU Professor Michalsen video (on youtube) discuss social conflict and critical criminology (Siegel, 2015, & Michalsen, 2011).

TITLE: Conflict Criminology and Sociology

SUBTITLES below: (1-4) COLLEGE LEVEL PAPER **Please include in paper so I can fellow, Big Thxs!!
In your paper
1. Explain how conflict theory is related to both criminology and sociology using appropriate terminology.
2. Discuss how politics play a role in conflict theory using appropriate terminology.
3. Discuss how politics influence crime rates of the lower class using appropriate terminology.
4. Evaluate various sociological schools of crime causation using appropriate terminology.

Your paper must
? Be FOUR double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style
? USE SIX SCHOLARLY SOURCES in addition to the course text and the article being evaluated.

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