Compare and Contrast Regional Natural Disasters and Their Incident Management

You have just been hired by the Centervale Fire Department and are assigned to the Centervale Emergency Management Crisis Center (CEMCC). Your supervisor has tasked you with creating an overview of natural disasters in the United States. The CEMCC wants a comparative analysis in order to seek out causal relationships in preparation and response methodologies. It hopes to use this analysis to identify and improve upon its own department?s established standards and principles.

The FEMA has gathered information identifying natural disasters throughout the United States and generated a map called the Presidential Disaster Declaration, which outlines all the disasters for each area of the United States:

Review all of the regions on the Presidential Disaster Declaration. Analyze the one in which you reside (domicile region) and another one of your choice. Research major disasters for all the regions using information provided by FEMA and other research. Create a 6?8-page report that compares and contrasts the regions? natural disasters? incident management responses.

In the report, complete the following:

Develop a national model (ex: graph, chart, spreadsheet, etc.) listing natural disasters and organize these into regions.

Identify the regional incident management protocols.

Perform a comparative analysis between the domicile region?s and outlying regions? disaster similarities:

Domicile region versus outlying regions

Disaster similarities

Individual incident management protocol similarities (e.g., evacuation, logistics, food and water, and medical care)

Analyze, distinguish, and point out which processes are more effective and which are less effective than the domicile protocols.

Formulate hypotheses and suggest any modifications to your above analysis.

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