Compare and contrast

In this formal paper assignment, you are to write about the film Unbreakable using the technique of comparing and contrasting that we described in class. I would like you to compare and contrast this film with the traditional archetypal hero in mythology and popular literature that we briefly described in class or with more traditional superhero movies that you are familiar. Feel free to be as creative as you can with this assignment. Some examples that people in the past have used are figures from world religions, myths, legends, books, stories, movies, TV shows, comic books, and video games. You will be using the monomyth, or the heros journey to be your point of comparison between the two (or more) works.
From a structural vantage point, you are to briefly describe the plot of Unbreakable, briefly describe the narrative (story, book, movie, TV show, etc.) that you are going to compare and contrast it with. You need to focus on the elements of the heros journey (separation/ initiation/ return, the call to adventure, the refusal of the call, the meeting with the mentor, the road of trials, the death or fall, the resurrection, the return home with the elixir, archetypal characters such as the wise old man, the boon companion, etc.) that we discussed in class.

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