company analysis

company analysisPaper details:

This first course project assignment lets you get a “big picture” assessment of a publicly traded company. The requirements of the assignment are as follows:

Select a large publicly traded company (such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, Disney, etc.). Your company should have been public for at least 5 years. Prepare a paper that discusses the following:

Company Overview: State what company you have chosen and provide a brief overview of the company, explaining what industry and lines of business it is in and other noteworthy information. (Good sources: The company’s annual report, 10K SEC filing, Mergent database, Hoover’s database.)
Competitive Overview: Identify the company’s primary competitors. Show the size in revenues or market cap of the company along with its top competitors. Discuss anything noteworthy related to competition. (Good sources: Yahoo! Finance, Mergent, Hoover’s.)
Financial Overview: Review the company’s recent financial performance. Provide a high level summary of the income statement and balance sheet for the most recent (2 or 3) years available. Provide at least two financial ratios and explain their meaning. Provide a brief analysis of the financial information you have presented. (Good sources: Yahoo! Finance and Google Finance, 10K SEC filing.)

Paper Mechanics should be as follows:

The body of the paper should be 2-3 pages.
The paper should be in APA format (i.e., cover page, double-spaced, 12 pt font, reference section at end, etc.).
The paper should include at least 3 sources, such as the annual report, Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance, the company’s web site, etc.
The paper should be divided into the sections indicated above (label each section clearly).

For more information on APA, p

choose Disney Corporation

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