Communication Article Review

Read, review, and critique the attached journal article. In no more than a two pages, double-spaced paper that includes a full citation of the article, write the research article critique using the following guidelines:

1.    Read the article two or three times before writing the critique.

2.    Identify the main sections of the document and highlight, mark, or note important passages.

3.    Write a draft of the critique. Use complete sentences and your own words. Include the


a. Complete Citation of Research Article Critiqued

b. Research Problem: What is the research about? What is being studied? Why was the study done? What does it include? What does it exclude?

c. Theory(ies): What theory(ies), if any, did the author(s) use? How was the theory applied to the research? If no theory(ies) is(are) applied, can you think of one that might be applicable?

d. Method/Methodology: What procedures, subjects, instruments, and data analyses were used/performed? How was the study done? Are there any strengths and/or weaknesses of the method/research design?

e. Research Participants and/or Sample: Who are the research participants? Can you

think of other population to study?

f. Findings/Results: What was found? What is/are the study outcomes?

g. Conclusions: What interpretations are offered by the researcher(s)?

h. Evaluation: What is your evaluation of the article? What is the implication of the study to communications?

4. Edit and rewrite the draft.

a. Check for brevity, reduce redundancy, and avoid repetition whenever possible.

b. Use your own words.

c. Clarify the lead sentence, or thesis. It contains vital information about the purpose of the study and should be clear, concise, and thorough.

5. Prepare and type the final critique.

a. Record the reference, accurately and completely, at the top of the abstract.

write critiques that demonstrate your understanding of literature review, research problem, methods, results, and conclusions.
Your critiques must have the following components in the final write up:

    a. Complete Citation of Research Article Critiqued
    b. Research Problem
    c. Theory(ies)
    d. Method/Methodology
    e. Research Participants and/or Sample
    f. Findings/Results
    g. Conclusion(s)
    h. Evaluation

The critiques must be typed double-spaced, 12-point size, and no more than two pages.
If you need any additional information that may be in my textbook please let me know and I can upload some additional material.

The article for review is attached as well as an example review.

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