A supervisor states, ?Integration testing is a waste of time. If each program is tested adequately, integration testing is not needed. Instead, we should move on to system testing as soon as possible. If modules don?t interact properly, we?ll handle it then.?
Do you agree or disagree with this comment?
Justify your position.

Part 1: Post-Implementation Evaluation Form

Post-implementation activities ensure that the system works as expected and identifies future improvements. An evaluation form is one of the best methods to gather input from the users about functionality and further development. Complete the following assignment:

Design a generic post-implementation evaluation form.
The form should consist of questions that you could use to evaluate any information system.
The form should evaluate the post-implementation activities and any problems associated with the implementation.
Your assignment should be at least 1 full page.

Part 2: Use Case Diagram

A use case diagram is one of the most commonly used diagrams in documenting the users and objects of a system. Let’s practice creating one by completing the following assignment.

Problem E, Clothing Store on page 461.
You can use Word, Visio or Dia to create the diagram.
Your assignment should be at least 1 full page.

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