Choose a topic from the world document below

3-4 page essay.
One developed, edited and proofread sample of your writing, initially posted on a weekly forum and then revised. The revised forum post should be roughly 3-4 typed pages, although it can be longer if you like. Please give it a title that conveys its main focus. As well, include a central argument (thesis) that shows your focus and the connections between the ideas you will be discussing.
For section B, please do some research on the subject and consult other sources in addition to the reading that you are responding to. Refer to at least three sources. These can all be from the course readings.
Another option for Section B: Selecting these options require you to meet with me to have your topic approved at least one week in advance of the due date.
If youd rather write a research paper on a topic of your choice instead of revising and developing one of your forum posts, this is something you can

You need to choose one of the 12 topics in forum in the world document below to expand. You can choose the materials by yourself, as long as you keep your opinion consistent with the world document.

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