Chapters Review Questions

Book Name: The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke
          By Andrew Lawler

Read : PART THREE: Chapter 12-Chapter 15
Chapter 12 : Whos Afraid of Virginia Dare?
Chapter 13 :  Swamp Saints and Renegades
Chapter 14 : Return to Roanoke
Chapter 15 : An Old Buck Christmas

Written Summary TemplateIate:

There are 4 chapters in part three. Use at least 5  sentences to answer Every question for Each chapter:
1.    How readable is this chapter?
2.    How interesting is this chapter?
3.    What is the main point?
4.    What is the main event or character in this chapter?
5.    Does this chapter advance the thesis of the book?
6.    Is there anything in here that you dont trust?
7.    Is there anything that you found of particular interest or value?

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