Bonnie, a 52-year-old female, has been having some mild pain in her legs recently and is not sure if she should be concerned about it. She decides to visit her primary care physician since the pain isnt going away. Bonnie tells her physician that the pain feels like a general soreness or ache and seems to be worse on the left side. Her physician notes that the left lower leg seems slightly swollen when compared to the right and feels slightly warmer than the right leg.

Bonnie has a history of smoking (1-2 packs/week in her 20s and 30s). She has a BMI of 29. She travels often to see her family that lives across the country. The only medication she has ever taken regularly was oral contraceptives. Now that she is peri-menopausal, she has been treating her symptoms with hormone replacement therapy.

1.) Briefly define thrombus in your own words.

2.) How does Bonnies frequent traveling relate to her diagnosis? Briefly explain this in your own words.

3.) Pulmonary embolism is the most common complication of DVT. List and briefly describe 3 symptoms that Bonnie should look out for.

4.) List and briefly describe 3 prevention measures that Bonnie can take to avoid further complications.

5.) List and briefly describe 3 complications that can occur if varicose veins go untreated.

6.) Briefly describe how a high-fiber, low-salt diet would help prevent the development of varicose veins.

7.) Define telangiectasia in your own words.

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