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Now that you have written the middle paragraphs of the persuasive essay please focus on developing the introduction and the conclusion.

Ethical Dilemma:  Your position as sales manager for Granite Rock and Sand is in jeopardy; sales have been down for the past two years. Your supervisor told you that you have through the next quarter to increase sales; otherwise, youll be looking for a new job. Following your supervisors warning, you have been interviewing candidates for a vacant sales position to help improve your sales. After conducting many interviews, you meet with the final candidate, James Morrison. During the interview with Morrison, you learn that he was the victim of a layoff by a competitor, Silt and Sand, Inc.  Although you are not terribly impressed with Morrison, during the interview he mentions that his former company had been researching new markets and discovered that Saudi desalinization plants need a particular type of sand they dont have over there, but we have here. He states that his former company is the only firm that knows about this. He also claims that he was the contact person with the Saudi Arabian government and therefore, would be able to help Granite Rock and Sand enter this market and improve its sales. Should you hire him?

**I already did the middle paragraphs
This is what I wrote **

The dilemma that this situation holds me in is critical to my professional career and financial freedom and will affect me in the long run determined by my choices. 
The situation has put me in an ethical dilemma since I am under a lot of pressure from my supervisor it only comes down to accepting the offer and employ Mr.Morrison who will support in improving the sales which have been an issue in the business. Without any doubts hiring Mr. Morrison goes against my  personal ethics, morals ,  and values. Nevertheless working in the business world is always a competition, it requires a great amount of boldness and bravery. There is  tremendous pressure and can you face very significant ethical challenges. I also do acknowledge hiring him is a risk. I will have to face the consequences in the future if he betrays the company’s confidentiality as well. However, at the end of the day, I am not hurting annone. And my boss is content with my wotk and somone gets to have a job. The importance of morality is to make life better. Hiring Mr. Morrison  would secure my job. 

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