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Strategic analysis is concerned with the strategic position of the organisation. What are the key characteristics of the organisation, what changes are going on in the environment, and how will these affect the organisation and its activities? This involves an analysis of the expectations of stakeholders, the culture of the organisation, the organisation?s vision and values; the environment, as identified through a STEEPLE analysis; and the key resource areas of the business.
With reference to the above statement, Select ONE of the under listed companies and answer the following questions.

? British Airways
? Cadbury
? Coca-Cola
? Asda
? Marriot
? McDonald?s

Identify any major change that took place within your chosen company and use this to answer the following questions;
a) How was this change managed? ( 20 marks )
b) What is the link between strategic planning and change management? ( 20 marks )
The STEEPLE model lists and classifies the major general environmental factors that impact on organisations. In light of this;
a) Conduct a STEEPLE analysis on your chosen company
(20 marks)

b) Stating reasons and examples, which factor do you consider to be of the most relevance to the company?
(20 marks)

c) What is the implication of government policies on the organisation?s environments (internal and external). (20 marks)

Your report should consist of the following sections:
? The introduction which explains what the report is all about and covers the scope of what is to be covered in the report. (125 words)
? The findings and analysis which sets out in a complete and professional structure your responses to the tasks outlined above (e.g. using headings, sub-headings, in-text citations, tables, figures, etc.). (2000 words)
? Conclusion and Recommendations (125 words)
? Bibliography showing all your references in Harvard format.

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