Business Law – Case Study Analysis

Business Law – Case Study Analysis
Case Study

Heath Football Club (HFC) invited all season-ticket holders to renew their season tickets for next season, using local advertising. The price would be £700 for all postal applications received by May 5th. For all postal applications received after May 5th, the price would be £875. Liam, a current season-ticket holder, posted a letter on April 28th, containing his cheque for £700. The letter took longer than would usually be expected, and did not arrive until May 7th. HFC paid in the cheque and sent Liam his season ticket, together
with a bill for the remaining balance of £175, to cover the higher price after he missed the deadline for the discounted price. Liam did not believe he should have to pay the extra fee.

HFC invested in stadium repair works immediately after the season finished, which needed to be ready in time for the start of the next season. Ian was chosen to do the work for a price of £80,000. A term in the contract provided that, in the event of any breach by Ian, his liability would be limited to £10,000. Work started in May, but little progress was made in June. HFC promised to pay Ian an extra £15,000 to speed up the work so it would be done before the new seasons started. A week later, on June 30th, significant errors were found in the work done by Ian. HFC lost confidence in Ian, but discovered they would have to pay at least an extra £25 000 to get the repair work completed by a different contractor.

John had two tickets for the first game of the season, which had cost the standard price of £65 each. He and his friend, Kevin, a plumber, often did favours for each other. After Kevin completed some plumbing work on John’s house, John told Kevin that he would give him one of the tickets. Kevin had intended to go to the game and accepted John’s offer gratefully. John later saw online that he could sell the ticket for £180, which he did. Kevin was angry that he had been let down, and he had to pay £220 to buy a ticket to see the game.

Write a commentary and analysis of the contract law implications in the case study.

You should try to include at least some of the following:
A discussion of the extent to which each of the requirements of a legally binding contract between Liam and HFC are satisfied.
An assessment of whether Liam owes the extra £175 to HFC.
An assessment of the legal rights, duties and remedies of HFC, and of Ian, regarding the repair work.
A discussion of the extent to which each of the requirements of a legally binding contract between John and Kevin are satisfied.
An assessment of the legal rights, duties and remedies between John and Kevin.
A description of how the law of contract may be changed, adapted or reformed in the future.

Essay Submission format – very important
You must:
• use Arial font, size 11
• use double line spacing
• have 2.5cm margins down the left and right of the page
• insert a footer to include page numbers, your name and student number
• upload your work in Word format into the appropriate ‘drop box’ on Study Direct
• complete the pro-forma declaration cover sheet and attach this to your assignment.
Please ensure that this sheet includes:
• report Title (your chosen company name with ‘Case Study’),
• course title
• module name
• group (e.g. Foundation, Introduction to Business, Group G),
• your full name
• the English name you are known by
• your student reference number
• the due date of submission of the work
• your word count on the cover sheet.

Important attention:Reference must use footnote style ,like below

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