Business and company law

case study:

First Task: Write a 500 words summary of the case including:
the relevant facts of the case
the major legal issues
the relevant law relied on by the judge(s) in making their decision
the actual decision of the case.

The case summary should be written in your own words. Note there is no requirement to consider other cases, use footnotes or prepare a bibliography, nor is it necessary to do further reading outside the case report itself.

The written report must be handed in at your tutorial in week 4 and also uploaded on the turnitin link on the VU Collaborate.

Second Task ? Quiz

When you have completed your 500 word case summary your task is to go online to VU Collaborate under ?Assessments? and then go to Quiz option and you complete the multiple choice questions quiz. There are about 10-13 multiple choice questions. It is recommended that you have a hard copy of the case with you when they are answering the multiple choice questions.

You have 45 minutes to complete the case study Quiz and you only get one go at it. The Quiz will close off at 10.00pm on Thursday the 24th of March 2016.

Marks will only be allocated for the Quiz which is out to 10, however, if you do not submit the 500 word case summary, half of the marks you obtain for the quiz will be deducted.

Students should also note that there are materials on Collaborate that may assist students with the case study.

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