budget estimate- Coca Cola

budget estimate- Coca ColaThis assignment will require you to create an operating budget that takes into account the strategies and choices you’ve already made. It’s important that you carefully consider exactly what you’ll have to spend money on in order to successfully complete your goal. The numbers will be very general estimates, but you’ll need to show the ability to accurately identify the major costs. The categories and subcategories for the budget should cover most if not all of the new expenses that will be present. This assignment should be at least two pages in length and complete the following:

Goal Choice

Clearly identify your chosen goal in an introductory paragraph – goal choice-
Simplifying and streamlining operations for Coca Cola
Operating Budget

Create an operating budget for your goal.
The budget should include common categories and subcategories such as general operations, HR, marketing, miscellaneous expenses, etc.
Include all major expenses required for the goal. Common expenses include salaries, marketing channels, and inventory.
Connect the costs/categories that you’re considering to your already created marketing, management, and HR strategies discussed in earlier portions of the project.
Capital Budget

Identify two long-term assets from the capital budget that will play a role in the completion of your goal. These can be new purchases or existing assets.
Briefly explain the impact that each will have.
due tomorrow 2 pm cst
APA format with references 2-3 pages
in text citations
checked for plagurism

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