Breed Your Language with any Language other than English

Breed Your Language with any Language other than English
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For this option, you must choose any language other than English. It can be a language with which you are familiar (Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, etc.) Then, your goal is to answer the following question: What would this language look like if it neighbored your Phase 2 language and adopted your linguistic feature (from Phase 2)? To do so, you will gather ten sentences from any source.They could be from a book that you enjoy, or even from an online search (Note: In eneral, it’s always best to find natural, spoken data when possible!). The sentences should be sentences that could/should include your Phase 2 feature. Then, you will insert your feature into those ten sentences. After each sentence, provide a description as to why you inserted the feature where you did. For example, if my Phase 2 linguistic feature is a 3rd Person Singular Agreement marker, I would gather 10 sentences featuring 3rd Person Singular and add the agreement marker appropriately to the verb (prefix, infix, or suffix, for example). If this agreement would then allow for free word order, I would address this in my description. Finally, you will write a 2page description (double-spaced, 12point font, Times New Roman) about the consequences of these changes. Does this change word order (or something else)? How might your changes affect the larger linguistic system? And lastly, what did you learn from this exercise?
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