Book / Movie Review

Middle East Book Review Guidelines: I suggest you come up with four or five main aspects of the book you choose, particularly dealing with the main character(s) and what they have to say about the people they are connected to (Kanafani: the various stories he has about the plight of the Palestinians; Sabahattin Ali: Raifs life both in Berlin & Turkey). You then should look at your class notes and try to connect the books to some of the fundamental trends in the course (Kanafani: the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Peoples Front for the Liberation of Palestine; Sabahattin Ali: nature & limitations of Westernization in Turkey). You also should preface the work with something about the author of the book you choose and the biases either might have had (Kanafani & Sabahattin Ali: Middle Eastern educated leftists). Citations of other book reviews and secondary literature are not required. The length of the paper is four pages, double-spaced.

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