Berger & Luckmann

Berger & Luckmann, ?The social foundations of human experience?, in Cahill, chapter 2

text book used should be E. Cahill et al.,?Inside Social Life: Readings in Social Psychology and Microsociology? PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A CRITICAL ESSAY PAPER AND IT SHOULD BR WRITTEN AS THAT, The refrence should be written on the 4th page and no cover page .Please keep font sizes reasonable, preferably 12 point Times New Roman. Assignments should be written in essay format. Assignments do not require a cover page but should include a title, date, course number, and your name at the top of the first page.

The objective of a critical essay is to thoughtfully engage with the point of view, observations or arguments covered in an essay, book or presentation. Most of us do something like this when we give others our impressions ? positive or negative ? of something we have seen, read, or otherwise experienced and that we feel merits communicating our impressions to others.

please this is a critical essay it would be we?ll written and not just summarized .

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