Benefits of Veganism

For this 5-page/1,250 word (minimum) essay, you will offer a critical analysis of your text using one of the search models we have discussed in class. This essay should include a short introduction that identifies your research question, your chosen search model, and your thesis/argument statement. I am more interested in this essay in your analysis and critical findings than in a description of your method. Focus the majority of the paper (3 of the 4 pages, for example), on your analysis.

You will need to appropriately cite a minimum of five scholarly sources (including the speech). This assignment must be typed and follow MLA or APA format, including parenthetical citations and bibliography.

PLEASE NOTE: For all essays, your writing will be accountable to the highest standards of argumentation, eloquence, grammar, spelling, and academic integrity. Assignments should be double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins. Use MLA or APA for works cited and an active, clear, and eloquent voice indicative of the humanities. Any source referenced (whether a class reading or outside source) must be properly cited both in the text and in a Works Cited list at the end of your paper. Quotations always require page numbers.
1,250 words in length (minimum)
Uses MLA or APA format correctly and consistently
Includes introduction, context, analysis, conclusion
Introduction: engages the reader, briefly introduces the artifact, establishes the main argument
Context: provides relevant historical context of artifact, citing appropriate sources
Analysis: clearly explains search model being used; engages in in-depth analysis & interpretation of artifact using the rhetorical lens & citing the speech by paragraph (this should be the bulk of your paper)
Conclusion: reviews main argument, provides any evaluations stemming from the analysis & interpretation, closes essay memorably
Cites a minimum of 5 scholarly sources (these sources should be used to review the scholarly work on your artifact or genre, explain your search model, and provide historical context).
Includes works cited page