Assignment Guidelines and Requirements
Section 1
Provide background information about the company, brand, and product. This section should include a discussion of the following.
1. Very brief description of the company and its history (1/2 page)
2. Target customers?Provide specific demographics, psychographics, behavioristics, and profile for primary, secondary, and tertiary
Section 2
Discuss the company?s overall marketing strategy.
1. Advertising
2. Public relations and publicity
3. Sponsorship
4. Cross promotion
5. Product placement
6. Alternative media

Section 3
Identify and discuss the applicable psychographic criteria that are relevant to the brand or product and their target customer(s). The following
should be included:
1. VALS types?primary and secondary (value and lifestyle)
2. Lifestyle matrix segments
3. Values?Rokeach Value Survey, list of values
4. Lifestyle dimensions?attitudes, interests, and opinions
5. Personality?personality and trait
Section 4
Identify and analyze relevant aspects of consumer influences and their effect on the adoption process for the brand. Provide the reasoning why you believe the influence is relevant.
Examples of what might be included are:
1. Age
2. Gender
3. Region
4. Ethnic
5. Religion
6. Family
7. Culture
8. Social class
9. Social pressure
10. Peers
11. Clubs
12. External influences
13. Internal influences
Section 5
Develop or identify the consumer decision model(s) that you feel applies to this brand or product.
Provide the reasoning why the model was selected.
Section 6
Create a 10-question survey that would help you to identify the characteristics of the consumer who would buy this brand or product
Format: APA Style, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, 6?8 pages and discipline-appropriate citations.

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