Autistic disorder spectrum

Unit 4 Critical Thinking: Research in Health Care Field

1. Review research article(s) from a peer review journal or website on your field of interest. Report on major areas found in the research. Some possible areas that you may discover include those listed below. Include at least one graphic. 

2.    Format:  6+ slide PowerPoint Presentation (Do not submit Microsoft Word, PDF, JPEG, etc. for this project.)

3.    Abstract or Overview Abstract: The equivalent of a two to three sentence summary of the report.

4.    Introduction/Background: This section should include the equivalent of two to three paragraphs describing what you have learned in this research about the metacognitive principle that the research was designed to explore. 

5.    Purpose of the Study: The intent of the study 

6.    Hypotheses: Describe the question(s) the research explored/tested (if provided).

7.    Findings/Results/Data: 

Findings: The analysis should include the equivalent of two to three paragraphs summarizing and interpreting the data. Describe anything unusual or unexpected that might have occurred during the experiment. State if the hypothesis was confirmed or not and explain why you think the experiment turned out the way it did.  Data/Statistics: Display the data in a graphic format(s) that is easy to read. Your presentation of the finding should include summary statistics. 

8.    Methodology Method: Write the equivalent of two to three paragraphs describing in detail the plan for how the researcher conducted the study.

9.    Recommendations: Suggestions for future study References

10.    Reference: APA bibliographical listing of the article(s) or other sources used in your report. 

A Sample of Peer Reviewed Journals: 
American Journal of Nursing                      Evidence-Based Nursing 
Journal of Research in Nursing                  Journal of Emergency Nursing
Journal of Nursing Education                     Journal of Holistic Nursing 
Nursing Outlook                          Nursing Standard
Clinical Nursing Research                      Nursing Science Quarterly 
Pediatric Nursing                          Biological Research for Nursing 
Nurse Education Today                      Neonatal Network
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing         Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice Topics 
Select one peer-review article, 2016-present, from GALILEO or the sample reviewed journals listed above and cite each source. 
Disease/Condition Measure to treat/Control Select one  o Aging Population 
    Current Practices in End-of-Life (Palliative) Care 
    Dementia  o Alcoholism and Co-Dependency  o Autistic disorder spectrum  o Cancer 
    Bone Cancer 
    Breast Cancer 
    Prostate Cancer  o Carpal Tunnel Syndrome o Depression  o Drug Dependence and Interactions o Diabetes  o HIV/AIDS  o Hypertension  o Kidney Disease  o Obesity in Children and Adolescents  o Smoking 
    Second Hand Smoke  o Stress Management  o Stroke: Prevention and Treatment  o Respiratory Disease 
    COPD Bronchitis/Emphysema 
    Cystic Fibrosis 
o Vaccines
Review a research article (s) on your field of interest: Include applicable sections

b.    Introduction/ Background
c.    Purpose/ Objective/ Hypotheses 
d.    Findings/Results/ Data 
e.    Methodology
f.    Recommendations 
g.    Conclusion
h.    References 

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