Art discoussion and reply

Art discoussion and reply
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1. Choose one art from the ppt and write your comment in a half world page. 2. Read “1.docx” and “2.docx”, then write two independent reaction in the other half world page
3. No references are needed.
4. Thank you
Apollo and Daphne
The work of art I found most intriguing was Apollo and Daphne by Gianlorenzo Bernini. I thought it was interesting that a sculpture of two people could tell an entire story. I could see the motion in the statue as Apollo tries to reach Daphne; however, he is too late as Peneius transforms his daughter into a tree. Its ironic that a statue can portray such motion. Its as if the artist took a picture and captured the most important part of the story, but the viewer can play out the rest of the story in their mind. By using diagonal lines, the flow in the hair, and draped branches, the viewer can see that story.

Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash
This painting cought my eye right away. It almost looked like a blurry phototgraoh someone tried to take of a women walking her dog on the street. I think its amazong how the atist was able to piant all the parts of the dog and woman in so many different spots to give the viewer a sense of forward movement. I think its especially fascinating how she had to paint the parts of the dog so many times just to give it that perfect sense of a still picture moving.

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