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    Explain how the Yes Men’s approach to political activism relates to at least one of the reasons listed in the reading for this week: “Why Artistic Activism: Nine Reasons.”  Include a specific quote from the reading that relates to your description. 
    Describe one of the projects presented in the film and explain the issue that the project/action/performance was intended to expose and describe the action that the Yes Men did to expose this issue.
    Is this project/action/performance an effective strategy for raising awareness and promoting social and/political change? Why or why not?

Grading –

    Your response should be 2 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. font.  This is an approximate length, however, less than 1.5 pages is probably not sufficient and more than 2.5 pages is probably too much.  Be concise, but thorough in your descriptions and explanations.
    I will be looking to see if you respond to all three of the prompts listed above.  I am looking for a clear description of the Yes Men’s approach to political action and a clear description of the one project that you have selected to focus on.
    I will also be looking to see if you make a clear argument regarding what you think the effectiveness of the particular project/action/performance you select is.  If you believe that the project is an effective means through which to promote social-political change and raise awareness, I want you to explain why you think this is the case.  If you do not think it is an effective strategy, I want you to explain why you think it is not.

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