Applying Psychology of Learning

Address these two scenarios listed below. (Clearly use headings in your post to designate which options you are addressing.) Below are the two options to be addressed

Option A: A recent psychology graduate named Kaylynn is currently seeking a career position with the local community college as a marketing director.
    How can her understanding of learning psychology support this position?
    How can she express these acquired skills most clearly in her interview?
    If you were Kaylynn, what knowledge or skills would you be sure to include? Please provide a rationalization.


Option C: Larry is the senior vice president of a lucrative manufacturing company. He recently hired a young man, Jackson, to work in the warehouse. After observing his work, Larry feels that, with some additional training, Jackson has a lot of potential to advance. But Jackson seems disinterested in advancing any of his skills and knowledge to achieve higher pay or stature in the company.
    Based on learning and motivation theories, if Jackson is required to attend training geared to advancement, without the desire himself, how effective might he be at accommodating the new information?
o    Identify and summarize a theory that supports your response.

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