Any topic (writer’s choice)

Midterm Paper: (900-1200 words max) Select at one or two works (no more than 3) that we have either viewed as part of the class or which you choose yourself (with instructor approval). You will write an essay with three distinct sections. First, the introduction (approx. 150-300 words) should situate the work in modern Japanese culture, noting its genre and form, its cultural significance (if any), authorship, and its relevance to you (did it change how you think?). Second, it should include a formal description of the work you choose that details the techniques used, structure and design, and any narrative that the work bears. Third, you provide your interpretation/ analysis regarding the work including a clear argument supported by direct citations to the work. To receive the best possible grade it is necessary to include:
1) Use direct examples (images, quotes, screen shots etc.) and description of your selected topic and/or work. [ex. Gojira (1954, Honda Ishiro)]
2) A clear thesis statement/key argument for your interpretation.

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