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a brand in the product category is Mandarin airlines.
Answer the following questions, referencing your sources with citations in each question.  (Number the answers)
1) What is the brands market share? (reference)
2) Who are the main competitors (list the market share of the top three brands in the category)? (reference)
3) List one trade association (with address and phone number) for your product category.
4)  Write one communication advertising objective and one behavioral advertising objective for your brand.
5) Discuss two types of sales promotions you would suggest for your brand.
6) Discuss two trends (demographic, economic, technological, global, etc.) in the industry (referencing at least two articles). (Remember, if you directly copy material use quotation marks.  Do Not Plagiarize)
7) Find an ad (placed in the medianot just an image from a website) for your brand. Discuss the ad, including the target market, ad content and design, and message appeal.  Do you think the ad accomplishes its objectives (why or why not)?  (Turn in the print ad or video URL and note the source.)

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