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Greeetings all- In contrast to the multiple choice quizzes we have taken, I have changed the format of the “Final Exam” to a “critical thinking” written response. Critical thinking skills, analysis of reading content and the ability to develop solid written communication skills represent important characteristics of a seasoned health care professional. Please review the attached article and then write 1-2 page summary of the paper. Focus your response on the key points of the article  (bullet points may be used here) and then conduct a “critical review” of the paper. Please identify the primary (key) points of the various topics in the article and then discuss which may or may not apply to your unique (personal) thoughts on the topics (pros/cons).  Do you support the author’s various viewpoints? Can any of these points be challenged and might some of the optional approaches in managing a 3-generational work-force possibly be more effective (hybrid models, contingency approaches, situational management)?  No submissions can be submitted after 5/8/2021 due to the YSU date of “Final Grade” submission guidelines.

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