Any topic (writer’s choice)

(no research is required, but course content is)
A.    Historical & course influence: (about 5 pages)
As you examine this course and the history of psychology, what are the significant movements and influences that effect your psychological world view? Integrate course lectures/discussions, presentations, readings into a paper that addresses how psychology has evolved and where it is going. From the material presented in this course, how is psychology addressing the mind/body problem?
B.    Psychological Influences: (2 pages)
Identify the psychological theories, concepts that intrigue or effect your thinking. What would you categorize as your psychological theory?
C.    Perspectives on Integration: (2 pages)
How are Christianity (or your faith) and psychology compatible? What are your views on integrating truth?
D.    How do you intend to contribute to psychology and others with your education? (1 page)
What are your goals?
How can psychology enable you to reach them?
What changes have you made in your thinking because of taking psychology classes?
Please integrate course discussions and insights appropriately into your paper. How did this course content influence your views?

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