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This week, write a response on Destroyer and the issues it raises in regards to medical/bioethics and social justice. Please explore what is most interesting to you about the comic (this flexibility is to encourage independent thinking and some creativity!). Examples: you might attend to how the use of the graphic novel/comic form affects our understandings of history, current events, and their construction. In other words, how does visually illustrating DESTROYER affect the reader’s interpretation of the stories of police brutality, scientific/technological experimentation, and/or medical and social “progress” and other bioethical issues (in a way prose does not/cannot)? How does seeing a violent act or moments of injustice differ from reading about them? You can pick from one or a few of the above issues or something else entirely from the text to reflect on. Include a reference to at least 1 page from the book to illustrate/back up the point you want to make in your response.

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