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Paper # 1 Introduction, Recruitment & Selection
PSYC3322 Industrial Psychology, Spring 2021
Approximate Page Length: 4-7 pages
Total Point Value: 50

You MUST answer the following questions in paragraph form:
1. State your job title, the name of your organization and type of organization (e.g., retail store,
summer camp, restaurant, salon, hospital) for which you work(ed), and the title of your
supervisor. Describe the work environment and how long you work(ed) there.
2. Describe your jobs major tasks and activities using a bulleted form. Follow the same format
you used in your job description, where you begin with a verb and include a brief phrase
describing the task required. Use the same verb tense throughout all the task bullets.
3. Explain one recruitment method that would be effective and appropriate to recruit you or
others for your job. It must be a method discussed in your textbook. Explain the recruitment
method, how it would be implemented, and why (based on research) this is an appropriate
method to use.
4. Write 4 interview questions to create a structured interview for your job. You must write
one question of each of the following types and label the question appropriately: past focus
(behavior description), future focus (situational), skill determiner, and organizational fit.
You must also define/explain what each of these types of questions are.
5. Discuss what comprises a structured interview and two reasons why it is much more
effective than an unstructured interview according to the research on interviews.
6. Name, describe, and explain two different predictors that would be appropriate to use for
your job but were NOT used to select you for the job. However, they CANNOT be an
interview, a resume, or a reference check. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of
each predictor, according to the research

So lets say i work at a doctors office, i handle benefits and eligibility where i call car insurances and i verify what type of benefits the patients have. I also visit law offices where i meet with lawyers and explain to them the type of services we provide at our facility of pain management. I also schedule patients and handle high call volumes and coordinate patients when ever law office refer patients to us. this paper needs no research and theres no need to add resources.

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