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Visit the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) website (links below) and follow the steps in the order they are listed:
– Explore the “About Us” page: (Links to an external site.)
        – Read the sections, “About Us,” “Our Mission,” “Our Focus,” and “Our Themes”
– Tour the digital exhibition, Meet Us Quickly: Painting for Justice from Prison: (Links to an external site.)
        – Click “Full Essay” and read “The Art of Proximity” by Rahsaan “New York” Thomas
        – Then, scroll down the page to view the paintings. Click on each painting (for example, Mother of Civilization) and read the description accompanying each painting.

Then, write a response (minimum 250 words; maximum 375 words) that fully addresses the prompt below.

After exploring the Museum of the African Diaspora’s website and viewing the digital exhibition, Meet Us Quickly: Painting for Justice from Prison, address the following:

– What is your overall impression of the digital exhibition?
– How is the digital exhibition related to this week’s theme, “Living in Diaspora”?
        – Be sure to reference at least ONE video lecture, assigned video, or assigned reading:
              Assigned readings are uploaded in additional materials.
– Pick ONE of the paintings from the digital exhibition. How does your chosen painting reflect MoAD’s themes? Discuss TWO of out the four listed.
        – Themes: Origins, Movement, Adaptation, Transformation

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