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Writeup a few paragraphs summarizing what you learned from Anshuman’s presentation in class.  Be sure to include:
1.    What were the biggest take-aways for you?
The biggest take-aways for me is that there are so many similarities between architect and set designer. I start to realize as an architecture student we actually have varied choice besides being an architect. It is impressive to see a pervious architect explores a way to use newly gained knowledge in his own field of interest and make a smooth transition to set design.
2.    What surprised you the most?
(1). Anshuman mentioned his colleges all have different backgrounds, such as architecture, fine-art and industrial design.
(2). When he is talking about the difference between the work of architect and the work of set designer, he states that for architecture projects, the whole process would be up to several years while for set designers, the project needs to go fast.

3.    What did you learn about how COVID has been affecting set designers like Anshuman and the cinema industry?
We are living through history.

4.    Plus anything else youd like to add relating his presentation to the course readings about him.

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