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You are the payroll manager at Widgets R Us. You need to calculate an employees gross and net pay based on the table below. The work week for this company is 40 hours. Sandy worked overtime this past week and would like to know what her gross and net pay will be.

Sandy worked 48 hours for the week in question. Five (5) of the overtime hours were worked during a holiday, which are paid at double-time and the other three (3) overtime (over 40 hours) are paid at time-and-a-half. The timecard Sandy submitted declares the eight (8) overtime hours to be holiday pay.

As the new manager, your job is to calculate her overtime correctly while demonstrating your understanding of ethics.

Prepare a Word document that explains your process. In the first paragraph write at least 100 words to explain how you will create the spreadsheet, the formulas, and functions you will use to calculate the hours worked, federal tax rate, state tax rate, FICA, Sandys Gross pay, and Sandys Net pay. Make sure you indicate which steps you will perform first and why (or if) the order is important.

After calculating the pay, write a professional memo to Sandy explaining why only five (5) hours were paid as holiday pay. The memo will be included in the second paragraph of the Word document.

Write at least 100 words. In your explanation, include a summary of the companys policy, the ethics involved in accurately reporting time, and why it is important that Sandy report her time more accurately in the future. Conclude the document with your name and title.

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