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Read the attached sources (attached as PDF) documents and the attached link and then answer the questions below.

Read the Emancipation Proclamation below and the attached letter in which Lincoln defends the Proclamation.

1. Upon whom is the Emancipation Proclamation binding? It is an order–to whom?

2. In the Proclamation itself, where does Lincoln find the legitimate authority to issue this order?

3. In the Letter to Albert Hodges, what arguments does Lincoln use to explain why his Proclamation was legitimate?

Read pages 59-64 of Joseph Story’s Commentaries on the US Constitution, a widely used law text in the nineteenth century written by a Supreme Court Justice.

4. In Section 1166, how does Story weigh secrecy and speed against slow deliberation in initiating war?
5. n Section 1169, how does Story describe Congress powers over limited wars?

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